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Capital Letters and Full Stops Worksheets

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This set of capital letters and full stops worksheets are a great way to help your children become more familiar with how to use capital letters and full stops in full sentences, including capital letters for proper nouns. 

Children can unscramble sentences, correct the missing capital letters and full stops in both single sentences and paragraphs, and read sentence cards aloud to a partner to see if they can record the sentence including the correct punctuation. 

These fun capital letters and full stops worksheets are completely free to download. 

Did you know that we also have fully planned and resources English lessons for KS1 and KS2? 

You can also check our Capital Letters and Full Stops wiki entry!

Customer Reviews

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Excellent ideas

Love PlanBee. Amazing site and very useful resources available.
Will definitely recommend to others.

Thank you for your comments, Mrs Lampard! We are a small team of five ex-teachers, so we really appreciate your feedback :-)