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10 Best Gifts for Teachers

10 Best Gifts for Teachers

Being a teacher is always tough but 2020 has been many teachers’ most challenging year to date. Whether you want to show your appreciation to your child’s teacher or treat the special teacher in your life, check out our pick of the top ten best gifts for teachers to say thanks with something they will actually like! 

Tasty Treats 

Wine (or any other tipple), chocolate and biscuits are always welcomed by teachers, whether they are to share with other staff or take home to enjoy in peace and quiet! After a busy term, a little indulgence is most definitely deserved. Better yet, why not get your child to make a treat, like gingerbread men, to give to their teacher, or filling a hand-decorated cube or Christmas cracker with your teacher’s favourite sweets? 


best gifts for teachers gingerbread men


Most teachers have a strange obsession with all things stationery. Personalised pencils, pretty packs of sticky notes, a new set of coloured pens, a fresh new notebook...any and all of these will most likely go down a treat with the special teacher in your life. 

Thermal Mug

Anyone who has experience inside a classroom will know how challenging it can be to get to a cup of coffee while it is still hot. A thermal mug is one of the best gifts for teachers whose tea or coffee dependency is thrown into jeopardy by a busy classroom. This way, they can have a hot cup of caffeine on the go all day long!


best gifts for teachers thermal mug



It can be difficult to know what your teacher may want or need, especially if you’ve only known them for a term. If you want to ensure that they get something they really want, a voucher can be a good option. Instead of a voucher for a particular shop, why not treat them to a massage or beauty treatment instead? Or for their favourite takeaway so they can have a night off from cooking. Any opportunity to relax will be greatly received by your teacher. 


Lesson Planning

Speaking of vouchers, giving your teacher a PlanBee gift card will allow them to purchase ready-made lesson planning which will save them both time and stress. Imagine how much easier it would be for your teacher to relax over the holidays if they knew their lesson planning had all been taken care of! Just a £10 voucher can get a teacher a whole term’s worth of planning for a particular subject. 


best gifts for teachers gift card


A Lanyard

Many teachers wear a lanyard to hold their ID, keys, etc. during the day. A personalised lanyard or one themed around something you know your teacher likes would be a great gift that they can enjoy every day while they are teaching. 

A Handmade Keepsake

Most teachers will tell you that the gifts that mean the most are the ones children create themselves. Why not frame a picture your child has drawn showing something they love about their teacher, create a clay pot for the teacher to keep bits and bobs in, a handmade Christmas decoration or even make a hand warmer to keep their teacher warm during cold break duties. 


best gifts for teachers handmade


A Poem

Ask your child to write and decorate a poem for your teacher. They could write an acrostic poem using their teacher’s name or write a poem about their favourite things their teacher has taught them. Sometimes, the best gifts for teachers are the ones that let them know how much of an impact they have had on the children in their care. 


A Teacher Planner

Teachers have a LOT to think about and remember. Buying the gift of a handy teacher planner will help your teacher stay organised – something they’ll definitely thank you for! You can get some beautiful ones these days (satisfying that stationery addiction we mentioned earlier). We love these from The Positive Teacher Company


A class present

If you have time, why not organise a thoughtful present from the whole class? Give each child a small strip of colourful paper and ask them to write one thing they are grateful to their teacher for. Roll each one up, place in a mason jar and hey presto! A thoughtful gift that your teacher will love. 



Whichever teacher gift you choose, whether it’s an expensive trinket or a simple hand-drawn picture, knowing that you appreciate them will really make your teacher’s day. 

Do you have other ideas for the best gifts for teachers? Let us know in the comments! 

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