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All About Me Activities

All About Me Activities

If you’re looking for some All About Me activities for your KS1 or KS2 class, we’ve got some great ideas and free resources to help you out! These are great as transition activities or for getting to know your new class in September. 

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All About Me Bunting 

Great for KS1 or lower KS2, these blank All About Me Bunting flags can be filled out by the children, decorated and hung up across the classroom. 


All About Me Bunting Preview

All About Me Brain Teasers 

These All About Me Brain Teasers are great little activities to display on the board when you have a spare ten minutes.

All About Me Brainteasers

Design a Family Crest 

Challenge your children to design a family crest that represents the people in their family and the things they like to do together. They could use symbols that represent special memories, animals to represent people (such as having four lions to represent the four people in their family) and a special motto that summarises their family life. You could use these free blank Coat of Arms templates). 

Coat of Arms Templates Preview

All About Me Bag 

Ask children to bring in a few items from home that represent a bit about themselves. They could, for example, bring in a favourite toy, favourite snack or a book they enjoy reading with a family member. Give each child a chance to show the items to the rest of the class and explain why they are important to them. 

All About Me Selfie

Great for children in upper KS2, use these All About Me Selfie Templates to let children create their own social media profiles! They can draw a selfie, then create an image for each post showing an element about themselves. 

All About Me Selfies Preview

Design a Time Capsule 

Challenge children to write some information about themselves for a time capsule for future generations to discover. Encourage them to think about what information they can give about themselves that might be interesting to children in the future. What books and films do they like? What foods do they eat? What is their world like today? What do they predict their world will be like in 50, 100 or even 1000 years? 

Invite children to share the information they have written before putting everything in a sealed container and burying it somewhere! 

Knowing Me, Knowing You Cards

These little Knowing Me, Knowing You Cards can be used throughout the year but can be particularly helpful in creating strong, trusting relationships between you and your children, and help you gain insight into the lives of the children in your care. 

Responding to their fun facts, thoughts or worries in a personalised way will help your children feel valued and safe in their classroom environment. Write a reply on the back and leave it in their tray, or have a chat with them about their fact.

Knowing Me, Knowing You Cards Preview



I hope these activities help you get to know your class a little better, and that it gives your children a chance to get to know each other too! And don't forget, we have a TON of other FREE RESOURCES in our library. 

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