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Happy Birthday PlanBee!

Happy Birthday PlanBee!

We don’t look 11 years old? Oh you’re too kind! But it’s true! PlanBee has now been supporting teachers and reducing their workload for a whole 11 years, and we are so proud of how far we have come as a small business.

Our Journey

Let’s rewind back to 2009, when a young Becky, whilst juggling her own workload as a KS2 teacher had an idea… What if teachers could focus more on teaching and someone else could lighten the load by providing high-quality planning and resources? Wouldn’t that be a lovely idea?! She envisioned offering something which gave teachers more weekend time to enjoy with their families instead of worrying about the week ahead. Was there a way she could help teachers to restore their work-life balance?

Eureka! PlanBee was born!

Becky took the plunge, left her job and started PlanBee. For a long time, PlanBee was just Becky and a laptop. But now she has a small, perfectly formed team of bees to help her! It was a hard journey to get to this point though, with Becky taking supply jobs to help pay the bills while she worked hard to get the business off the ground.

PlanBee has gone through a number of changes and improvements over the years, including our website, which has recently been updated! Check out how our website has evolved since 2009 (when it included a decidedly dodgy honeycomb background!)

The PlanBee Website Verson 1 launched in 2009 with a considerably smaller collection of resources than we have today! Art, DT, History, Geography and RE planning went on sale as well as crosswords and word searches.
The PlanBee website Version 2
by 2013, was on Version 2. The honeycomb background had gone. Science, cross-curricular topics and Curriculum Packs were on sale. One of our most handy features—the National Curriculum Objective Checker—was launched in September '13, allowing teachers to find schemes of work which cover specific objectives.
PlanBee website Version 3
September 2016: Version 3 goes live, with a major facelift, quicker downloads and more information about what's included in each lesson than ever before.

In 2014, having outgrown her home office (sofa), PlanBee moved into offices in Reigate, Surrey. One creature comfort made it from home to the office, though: an armchair for naps, which Becky insists—to this day—is essential for the creative process!

Fast forward to 2020 and PlanBee now consists of a small but perfectly-formed team of six primary teachers and Josephine (office manager) who keeps everything ship-shape!

2020 has been a tough year for everyone, including small businesses, but we are so proud of PlanBee and extremely grateful for all of the support we have received from teachers and schools this year and every year since those humble beginnings eleven years ago!

Thank you x

Get to know us!

We may be a small team, but we pack a punch! Get to know us a bit more: head over to our About Us page.

Let’s Celebrate!

To mark the occasion, we have put together an exciting offer!

Firstly, to celebrate some of our most popular resources, we have compiled a list of our top 20 best-sellers over the past 11 years. For one week only, these will be on sale for just £4.99 each!

In addition, each of our teacher bees have hand picked their favourite schemes of work for you to choose from, again for just £4.99.

What’s Next?

So what lies ahead for PlanBee? We are busy making new and exciting resources to add to our collection of over 6,000 lesson plans and looking forward to how we can further help teachers workload and create that work-life balance that teachers so deserve.

Keep an eye out on social media for upcoming offers and sign up to our newsletter to find out first about new resources and offers.

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