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Our Top 10 Free Primary Maths Resources

Our Top 10 Free Primary Maths Resources

Finding high-quality free primary Maths resources can sometimes be a challenge in all the fluff and kerfuffle of Google. That’s why we’ve decided to break down our top ten free primary Maths resources to give you a bank of handy little extras to embed and consolidate some of the core skills your children need to develop into competent mathematicians.


Top KS1 Maths FreeBees


Multiple Mazes

Being able to identify the multiples of the 2, 5 and 10 times table is a crucial skill for your KS1 class. These fun and challenging Multiple Mazes come with three levels of difficulty for each of the times tables and will help your class to become more fluent in recognising multiples as they travel through the grid of numbers.


Free Multiple Mazes by PlanBee


What is the Question?

This simple What is the Question? resource is perfect as a morning or Maths starter. With a simple answer being given, your children are challenged to work out what the question could be. Great for developing reasoning skills and challenging them to implement what they have been learning in a new context.


Free what is the question maths tasks by PlanBee


Fractions of Numbers Posters

These colourful watermelon-themed Fractions of Numbers Posters are a great to stick up as a display in your classroom to help your class understand the concept of fractions.


Free Fractions of Numbers Posters by PlanBee


Position Puzzles

Another great way to develop reasoning skills, these Position Puzzles are a fun activity to have on hand as a time-filler, as a wet play activity or to use in a lesson. Your class will have to read and interpret positional language to put the shapes in the correct place in the grid.


Free Position Puzzles by PlanBee


Compare the Money Cards

These versatile Compare the Money Cards can be used in a variety of contexts to help your class become more fluent in recognising coins and adding amounts of money. Use for playing Snap, Matching Pairs, or Who Has More?


Free Compare the Money Cards by PlanBee


Top KS2 Maths FreeBees


Times Table Booklet

This handy Times Table Booklet is a space-efficient way of providing your KS2 mathematicians with ready access to all the times tables as they become more fluent in learning their times tables.


Free Times Table Booklet by PlanBee


Place Value Game

Having a secure understanding of place value is absolutely vital if your children are to progress in Maths. This Place Value Game will soon get your class understanding the importance of place value and how they can manipulate numbers in each place value column to give them the number they need to win the point.


Free Place Value Game by PlanBee


Four Operations Check Grid

These adaptable Four Operations Check Grid sheets are a simple but effective way to keep your class’s problem-solving skills in shape. Write a new problem on them for a quick starter or warm-up, or why not challenge your class to write problems for each other to solve and check?


Free Four Operations Check Grid by PlanBee


24-Hour Time Display

Two words that strike horror into the heart of every primary school teacher: teaching time! Stick these 24-Hour Time Display Cards up around your classroom and ask children to refer to them throughout the day to help embed their understanding of telling the time on 12- and 24-hour clocks.

 PlanBee 24 hour time display


Converting Measures Chart

By the upper end of KS2, measurement conversations can get a little tricky! Provide your class with this handy Measurement Conversion Chart to help them get a handle on converting a variety of different measures.


Free Converting Measures Chart by PlanBee



We hope you find some of these free primary Maths resources helpful! We have a ton more Maths FreeBees at so check them out!


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