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Queen Victoria statue

Queen Victoria Facts for Children

The 24th of May this year is the 202nd anniversary of Queen Victoria’s birth, but how much do you know about this famous monarch? Find out about her reign and legacy with these Queen Victoria Facts for children.

Photograph of Queen Victoria, 1882
Photograph of Queen Victoria, 1882


Who was Queen Victoria? 

Queen Victoria was one of Britain's longest reigning monarchs. She was born on the 24th May 1819 at Kensington Palace. Victoria spent much of her childhood alone at Kensington Palace, but enjoyed hobbies such as painting and drawing. She also loved to sing and regularly attended the opera.  


How long did Queen Victoria reign for?

Queen Victoria’s reign lasted almost 64 years from 1837 - 1901. She took the throne at the age of 18 when her uncle, William IV died. Before Queen Elizabeth II, Victoria had been the longest reigning British monarch. 


Who did Queen Victoria marry?

Queen Victoria married Prince Albert of Coburg, Germany on the 10th February 1840. Victoria and Albert were in fact cousins, their marriage was arranged by their uncle, Prince Leopold. Although an arranged marriage, it was a very loving and supportive relationship. After Albert’s death, Victoria withdrew from her responsibilities as Queen and her ability to rule was questioned. Victoria kept a detailed diary and wrote often about her love for her husband. 


“This day is one of the greatest and most glorious days of our lives, with which, to my pride and joy the name of my dearly beloved Albert is forever associated! It is a day which makes my heart swell with thankfulness…” Great Exhibition: 1 May 1851 


Queen Victoria (1819 - 1901) and Prince Albert (1819 - 1861)
10th February 1840: Queen Victoria (1819 - 1901) and Prince Albert (1819 - 1861) on their return from the marriage service at St James's Palace, London. Original Artwork: Engraved by S Reynolds after F Lock.


How many children did Queen Victoria have?

Queen Victoria and Prince Albert produced nine children, most of whom married into other European Royal families. 

Albert, Victoria and their nine children, 1857
Albert, Victoria and their nine children, 1857. Left to right: Alice, Arthur, Prince Albert, Albert Edward, Leopold, Louise, Queen Victoria with Beatrice, Alfred, Victoria and Helena.


Queen Victoria and Prince Albert's children were:

  • Albert Edward (1841–1910) who became King Edward VII
  • Alice (1843–78)
  • Alfred (1844–1900)
  • Helena (1846–1923)
  • Louise (1848–1939) 
  • Arthur (1850–1942) 
  • Leopold (1853–84)
  • Beatrice (1857–1944)


How old was Queen Victoria when Prince Albert died?

 Queen Victoria was 42 years old when Prince Albert died in 1861. She was deeply saddened by the loss of her devoted husband and went into mourning, wearing only black for the rest of her reign. 



How old was Queen Victoria when she died?

Queen Victoria died on the 22nd January 1901 at Osborne House on the Isle of Wight. She was 81 years old and died peacefully surrounded by her children. Victoria is buried at Windsor beside her beloved Albert. 

Above their resting place are inscribed Queen Victoria’s words:

“Farewell best beloved, here at last I shall rest with thee, with thee in Christ I shall rise again”



Who succeeded Queen Victoria?

Queen Victoria was succeeded by her son, Edward VII after her death in 1901. Edward reigned between 1901-1910 until he died aged 68. 

Portrait photograph of Edward VII
Portrait photograph of Edward VII


10 Fascinating Facts about Queen Victoria: 

  • Queen Victoria was originally named Alexandrina Victoria, but preferred to be called by her second name or ‘drina’.
  • Victoria shared a bedroom with her mother until she became Queen. One of her first demands after her coronation was to exile her mother to her own apartments In Buckingham Palace.
  • Her mother insisted that the young Victoria hold someone’s hand whenever she was to walk down the stairs. 
  • Victoria is said to have had an ‘uncontrollable temper’ especially whilst pregnant. 
  • She was heavily influenced by Lord Melbourne who was prime minister when Victoria ascended to the throne. 
  • Victoria could speak several languages including German, French and Italian. 
  • She was the first monarch to travel by train.
  • Victoria was small and just under 5ft tall! 
  • She survived multiple assassination attempts and was given a chain mail lined parasol for protection. 
  • Queen Victoria was queen of an extensive empire including nations such as Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa, and India. Under her reign, many areas were colonised in an attempt to gain power and influence.


See if you can answer these reading comprehension questions:

  1. In what year was Victoria born? 
  2. How many children did Victoria and Albert have? 
  3. Why did Victoria wear black during the later part of her reign?
  4. What might a young Victoria do in her spare time?
  5. What impact do you think the expansion of the British Empire had on other countries?


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