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Top 10 Free English Resources for KS1 and KS2

Top 10 Free English Resources for KS1 and KS2

Finding high-quality free English resources for KS1 and KS2 can be time-consuming if you don’t know where to look. Luckily, our team of teacher bees has put together a whole bunch of free English resources for your classroom to help challenge and engage your class. Download these fun games, challenges, posters and more to build up a bank of English activities to help consolidate and improve their core skills.


Top Free Writing Resources


Sentence Openers KS2 Game

Encourage your class to begin their sentences in a wider variety of ways with this fun, free Sentence Openers KS2 Game! Children can play the game with the Sentence Subject Cards provided, or use it to edit and improve sentences in an existing piece of work.


PlanBee KS2 Sentence Openers


Sentence Surgery

Challenge your class to start thinking more critically about the structure and content of their sentences with this Sentence Surgery worksheet! Your class will first 'dissect' their sentence, and then 'add' or 'inject' adjectives, adverbs, conjunctions and fronted adverbials. Alternatively, you could give children a 'sick' sentence to improve. Perfect as a time-filler or homework activity.


PlanBee Sentence Surgery


Fronted Adverbials Booklet

Ah, fronted adverbials. Don’t you just love them?! This handy booklet is great for helping your class get to grips with fronted adverbials and encouraging them to use fronted adverbials in their writing. Just print, fold and go!


PlanBee Fronted Adverbial Booklet


The Synonym Continuum

This handy set of resources will challenge your class not just to expand on their use of synonyms but to think about the ‘intensity’ of different synonyms. Is ‘whispered’ or ‘boomed’ a more intense synonym for ‘said’? Is ‘glum’ more intense than ‘sorrowful’ when used as a synonym for ‘sad’? Let your children decide!


PlanBee Synonym Continuum


Synonym Balloon Posters

Stick these fun, colourful Synonym Balloon Posters up around your classroom and you KS1 or KS2 class will soon be using a wider vocabulary in their writing.


PlanBee Synonym Balloon Posters


Creative Writing Images

Inspire your primary class with these free images for creative writing! This pack contains twenty bright, funny, strange and puzzling images, chosen to stimulate ideas for your children’s written work. Who knows what inventive stories you’ll get when you use these prompts in your classroom!


PlanBee Creative Writing Images


Word Wars Game

Test and develop your children's vocabulary with this challenging word spelling game – ideal for use with either KS1 or KS2 children. Can your class make words using the letter cards they draw?

PlanBee Word Wars Game


Top Free Reading Resources


Foldable Review Bookmark

Instead of a bookmark belonging to the reader, this foldable review bookmark belongs to the book! Up to four readers can write brief comments about the book as a useful hint for future prospective readers as to whether they will enjoy the book!


PlanBee Foldable Review Bookmark


Rainbow Reading Challenge

Encourage your class to complete this fun reading challenge. This could be used as a half-term school-time challenge, or even given as holiday homework!


PlanBee Rainbow Reading Challenge


What Makes a Good Reader Poster

These colourful and informative posters will help your class to understand the skills that are needed to become a good reader - two posters are supplied, one aimed at KS1 and one aimed at KS2. Also included is a worksheet where children are encouraged to write down their own ideas of what makes a good reader.


PlanBee What Makes a Good Reader Poster



We hope you find some of these free English resources helpful! We have tons more to explore at so check them out!


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