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Year 6 Maths Quiz

Year 6 Maths Quiz

The Year 6 Maths National Curriculum Objectives cover several areas of mathematics that are probably familiar to you. I mean how hard can maths that’s taught to 10 year olds be?!


Are you ready to put your maths skills to the test?

No calculators are allowed (apart from for question 8), and you should be able to explain each of your answers using mathematical vocabulary. As any teacher will tell you, ‘I just know that’s the answer!’ or ‘I worked it out in my head!’ just doesn’t cut it when senior leaders are checking that your class understands what they have done.


Question 1 

Question 1: Fractions

Paddock class had 42 stick insects.

14 of them escaped from their tank over the weekend.

What fraction remain in the tank?

Write the answer as a simplified fraction.


Question 2

Question 2: Percentages

Pizza Perfection delivered 80% of its 85 orders on time yesterday.

How many orders were delivered late?


Question 3

Question 3 - measure

The diagram has a scale of one square equals 250 cm

Approximately how long is the swimming pool?

Approximately how wide is the brown, octagonal gazebo?

If I walked across the grass, approximately how far would I have to walk to get from the sunloungers to the bench?


Question 4

Question 4 - 4-cell model

Use a 4-cell model to solve each of these questions.

A: I have 40 alpaca. I’m selling two-fifths of them. How many will be sold?

B: The instructions on a seed packet says: Sow 150 g grass seed per 6 square metres of ground. How much grass seed is needed for 8 square metres?

C: 32 out of 80 people surveyed are afraid of mime artists. What percentage fear these silent clowns?


Question 5

Question 5 - addition

Look at the information about The Apex Hotel and The Regal Resort and Spa, then answer these questions. 

A: Which hotel made the most money in total in August? 

B: Which hotel made the most profit in total in August? 

C: How much more profit did they make than the other hotel? 


Question 6

Question 6 - division

A shuttle bus runs from our hotel to the beach every day. We’ve booked it for eleven days of our holiday which the hotel has done at a special total price of 555 euros. How much will this cost for each day we use it? 


Question 7

Question 7 - algebra

Look at the equation y=x/2. Find the value of ‘x’ if ‘y’ equals thirty-two. 


Question 8

Question 8 - perimeter

What is the perimeter of this shape? 


Question 9

Question 9 - Circumference

The formula to find the circumference of a circle is c=πd. Can you find the perimeter of this semicircle?

π = 3.14

 Question 10

Question 10 - shape

Which of the pictured shapes are rectangles?


Question 11

Question 11 - polyhedrons

These five regular polyhedrons are Tetrahedron, Hexahedron, Octahedron, Dodecahedron, and Icosahedron. How many flat surfaces do they each have?


Question 12

Question 12 - shape

Which shape is made up entirely of flat surfaces, has ten vertices, seven surfaces and fifteen edges.


Question 13

Question 13 - fractions

Simplify these two fractions to their simplest form.

A: 40/56 

B: 24/72 


Question 14

Question 14 - prime numbers

Which of these numbers are not prime numbers? How do you know? 

99, 109, 114, 752, 883, 1171


Question 15

Question 15 - factor pairs

Find all the factor pairs of 245. 


Question 16 

Question 16 - prime factors

What are the prime factors of 72? 


Question 17

Question 17 - ratio

A room is lit by two lights. One light flickers every four seconds, the other light flickers every nine seconds. When will both lights flicker at the same time for the first time making the room go dark? When will they flicker at the same time for the second time?



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Question 1

23 remain in the tank.


Question 2

17 orders were late


Question 3

3A: The swimming pool is approximately 560 cm long

3B: The brown, octagonal gazebo is approximately 190 cm wide

3C: The sun loungers to the bench via the grass is approximately 750 cm


Question 4

A: 16 alpaca will be sold

B: 200 g grass seed is needed for 8 square metres.

C: 40% of people fear mime artists.


Question 5

A: The Apex Hotel made £550,464. The Regal Resort and Spa made £576,583. The Regal Resort and Spa made the most money. 

B: The Apex Hotel total profit was £274,845. The Regal Resort and Spa  total profit was £172,777. The Apex Hotel made the most profit in August. 

C: The Apex Hotel made £102,068 more profit than The Regal Resort and Spa.


Question 6

The bus will cost 50.45 euros each day.


Question 7

X = 64


Question 8

Total perimeter equals 37.1 cm


Question 9

Total perimeter equals 38.55 cm


Question 10

The rectangles are shapes 1, 2, 3, 6, 8 


Question 11

Tetrahedron - 3 

Hexahedron - 6 

Octahedron - 8 

Dodecahedron - 10

Icosahedron - 20


Question 12

It’s a pentagonal prism


Question 13

A: 57

B: 13


Question 14

99, 114, 752 are not prime numbers

109, 883, 1171 are prime numbers 


Question 15

1 and 245

5 and 49

7 and 35


Question 16 

The prime factors of 72 are: 2, 2, 2, 3, 3 


Question 17

Both lights will flicker 36 seconds after the lights are turned on. 36 is the lowest common multiple of four and nine. The second time they will both flicker will be at 72 seconds. 

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