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Nelson Mandela

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Key Stage 2 Special People Year 5 Year 6
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Use these Nelson Mandela KS2 lessons to teach your class about the apartheid system in South Africa, and how Mandela dedicated his life to overthrowing it, and restoring peace and equality to his country.

Looking to extend your classes knowledge of South Africa? Download this Exploring South Africa Geography Planning Pack to take your class on an adventure to the Rainbow Nation!


Over the course of these three lessons, your class will learn about the introduction of the apartheid laws in 1948, and how they affected the lives of many people in South Africa. They will then learn about Nelson Mandela, and how he dedicated his life to fighting for peace and equality in his country. Finally, children will look at the lasting impact his words and actions had, not only on South Africa, but the wider world too.

Each lesson in this Nelson Mandela KS2 planning pack includes a detailed plan, an informative slide show for the teaching input, differentiated activity ideas and printable resources.


In this Apartheid KS2 lesson, children will learn about the laws that came into force in South Africa in 1948, which meant that people of different races had to live, work and socialise separately.

In their independent activities, children are encouraged to reflect on what they have learnt about apartheid using given discussion questions, and share their opinions.

This ready-to-teach Apartheid KS2 lesson includes a plan, a set of slides for the teaching input and differentiated resources.

What's included:

  • Lesson Plan
  • Slides
  • Activity ideas
  • Differentiated worksheets
  • Circle Time Challenge Cards
  • DIscussion Cards

With this Nelson Mandela lesson plan, your class will learn how he dedicated his life to fighting for peace and equality in South Africa, even spending 27 years in prison for his beliefs.

Using what they have learnt, children will make fact booklets, write biographies or role-play interviews between Nelson Mandela and a reporter. In the alternative activity provided, children are challenged to think about ten significant events in Mandela's life, and what his actions reveal to us about him.

A detailed plan, engaging slideshow and differentiated resources are included in this Nelson Mandela lesson plan pack.

What's included:

  • Lesson Plan
  • Slides
  • Activity ideas
  • Nelson Mandela Fact Booklet
  • Biography Sheet
  • Nelson Mandela Fact File
  • Interview Questions Sheet
  • Key Events Sheet

In this Impact of Nelson Mandela lesson, after recapping on his important role in ending apartheid, children find out more about Mandela's later life - how he became the first black president of South Africa, as well as the different charities he supported.

In their independent activities, children will explore some of Mandela's famous quotes, discussing what they mean, and who they might inspire. Alternatively, children are encouraged to think about their own goals in life, and how they might achieve them.

This Impact of Nelson Mandela lesson pack includes an easy-to-follow plan, an informative set of slides and differentiated activity ideas.

What's included:

  • Lesson Plan
  • Slides
  • Activity ideas
  • Quotations Cards
  • Challenge Cards
  • Challenge Sheet
  • My Future Goals Sheet
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