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PlanBee for Schools

PlanBee provides whole school curriculum planning packs that provide all the lessons you need for KS1 and KS2 throughout the whole academic year.

Curriculum Packs

  • Entire prepared curricula for National Curriculum subjects, including Maths, History, Geography, Art, DT and RE

  • Meticulous coverage of National Curriculum objectives

  • Complete planning packs containing everything teachers need to deliver lessons, including lesson plans, slideshows, differentiated activities and printable resources

Become a Whole School Member

  • Complete access to the whole PlanBee library for your whole school for a year

  • Coherent planning strategy from Year 1 to Year 6 to ensure continuity and progression

  • Fully-prepared planning to save your teachers time and stress

Pay via invoice

  • Apply for a school trade account to pay for purchases via invoice

  • Instant access to resources without waiting for payment to clear

  • 30-day payment terms