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Recycle Week

What is Recycle Week?

Recycle Week was started by an organisation called WRAP (Waste & Resources Action Programme) in 2004. Their aim is to highlight the benefits of recycling, and encourage the public, local authorities and businesses to recycle more.

When is Recycle Week?

Recycle Week is an annual event, usually held in September.

Why should we recycle?

According to,

"It takes less energy and fewer emissions to recycle than to make things from scratch, which is why recycling saves a total of 18 million tonnes of CO2 a year in the UK".

By recycling, we are reducing the amount of greenhouse gases (such as CO2) that are created. Greenhouse gases contribute to global climate change, so recycling results in an important environmental benefit.

Recycle Week activities for schools:

  • First, and most importantly, teach children about recycling - what it is, why it is important... and how to do it!


  • Organise some clearly labelled recycle boxes/bins for the different types of recyclable waste in your classroom, and put them somewhere easily accessible for the children. You could task them to design labels for the boxes, or challenge them to design posters to remind everyone to use them.


Recycle Week Activities - create recycling boxes
  • Create a scrap paper drawer, and fill with reusable sections of paper or old, unneeded printouts that children can write/draw on the back of. Schools use a lot of paper every day, but for those instances where a brand new piece of paper is not necessary, encourage children to visit the scrap paper drawer. Also get them into the habit of putting reusable scraps back in the drawer!


  • Recycled art projects - gather a wide range of materials that would usually be thrown out (e.g. plastic bottles, cardboard boxes, yoghurt pots - make sure they are clean). Encourage children to explore and experiment with these materials, and see what sculptures they are inspired to make!


  • Swap and donate - encourage children (with parents' permission of course!) to bring in any unwanted clothes, books, toys or other suitable items, and hold a swap shop! Make sure children understand that, just because they no longer want or use this item, it doesn't have to be thrown away - someone else might be very happy to take it home! Any items that are left over could be taken to a recycling bank or donated to a charity shop.


  • Appoint some 'Recycle Rangers' for the classroom. These children should be the champions for all recycling in your classroom, with their job being to remind and encourage their classmates to recycle anything that can be recycled!
Recycle Week Activities - become Recycle Rangers

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