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Best Schemes of Work for the Start of Term

Best Schemes of Work for the Start of Term

Starting off a brand new school year in the right way is really important for both giving your new class the chance to get to know each other and setting the tone for a fun and engaging learning environment.

Here are our top picks for schemes of work to do just that: 


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All About Me Topic | Year 1/2

All About Me Preview

This All About Me Topic has 17 lessons across a range of subjects and is the perfect way to get to know your new class, and for your class to get to know each other!

This is Me English Pack | Year 6

This is Me English Pack Preview

A bumper pack of English lessons covering autobiographies, poetry, playscripts, non-chronological reports, letters and instructions! Perfect to help your class get to know themselves and each other!

The Prehistoric World Topic | Year 3/4

The Prehistoric World Topic Preview

Start at the very beginning with this fascinating 18-lesson topic across a range of subjects, including a Stone Age to Iron Age History focus.


Seasonal Changes | Year 1

Seasonal Changes Year 1 Science Preview

Explore the changing seasons with this engaging 6-lesson Science scheme of work.

Pencil Cases | Year 3/4 

Pencil Cases DT Lessons Preview

Challenge children to make a pencil case they can use throughout the year with this ready-to-teach DT scheme of work.


The Alphabet | Year 1

The Alphabet English Lessons Preview

Get the basics covered at the start of the year with this fun English scheme of work. Children will learn letter formation, alphabetical order, recitation and more!

The Zulu Kingdom | Year 5/6

The Zulu Kingdom History Lessons Preview

Try a slightly different History scheme this September by exploring the Zulu Kingdom and the Anglo-Zulu war. This scheme was shortlisted for the Teach Primary Awards 2021.

What do Scientists Do? | Year 3/4

What do Scientists Do? Science lessons preview

Get your class off to a solid start with this 6-lesson scheme that explores the scientific process and focusses on the 'working scientifically' objectives.

Being Kind to You and Me | Year 1/2

Being Kind to You and Me ESR Lesson Preview

Encourage your class to be considerate of each other's feelings with this short ESR (Education for Social Responsibility) scheme of work. Perfect as a first PSHE focus for the year!

Belief in our Community | Year 5/6

Belief in our Community RE Lessons Preview

Encourage a sense of community in your classroom with this 5-lesson RE scheme as your children think about their own beliefs as well as those of others around them.


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