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Christmas Crafts for KS2

Christmas Crafts for KS2

Looking for some fun Christmas crafts for your KS2 children? Check out our top seasonal activities to get your children in the festive spirit!

Stained Glass Window Pictures 

This classic festive activity looks pretty impressive on a window display! All you will need for this craft is black paper, different coloured tissue paper and glue. 

  1. Use PVA glue to stick squares of different coloured tissue paper together in a rough rectangular shape.
  2. Use strips of back paper to create the outline of the stable and stick them on top of the tissue paper.
  3. Use black paper to cut out the figures of Mary, Joseph and Jesus in a manger and place them inside the stable.
  4. Cut the excess tissue paper from around the stable outline when the glue is dry.


<figcaptionNativity scene made from tissue paper


Chalk Silhouettes 

This is a fun activity with little prep required. Children will need some black paper and chalk. You could challenge older children to make their own Christmas picture templates. Ideas could include:

  • Nativity scene
  • Starry sky 
  • Snowman
  • Christmas tree 
  • Christmas elves 
  • Reindeer 
  • Santa and his sleigh 

Once children have made and cut their templates, place them on top of another piece of black card. Children might like to keep it in place with a small amount of sticky tack. 

Children then rub chalk around the template and smudge it with their finger to create a contrasting picture. Once children are happy, remove the template to reveal their silhouette. 


<figcaptionChalk silhouette picture of Christmas trees


Glitter Ball Decorations 

A great craft idea that is easy but looks impressive!

All you will need is:

  • Different colour wool or twine 
  • PVA glue
  • Glitter 
  • Small balloons
  1. Begin by mixing PVA glue and small amounts of water to loosen the mixture, then add your glitter of choice. 
  2. Mix until the glitter is dispersed in the mixture. 
  3. Cut lengths of wool/twine and soak in the glue mixture. 
  4. Blow up the balloon to the desired size and then squeeze out the glue from the wool/twine. Start by tying a piece of wool to the balloon knot and wrap it around the balloon. 
  5. Repeat the process until you have covered most of the balloon, leaving some gaps. Put aside to dry. 
  6. Once dry, push the balloon away from the yarn and cut a small hole near the balloon knot. Allow the balloon to deflate and pull it out of the ball. 
  7. Finally, tie a loop through the ball decoration and hang it on the Christmas tree!
</figcaptionChristmas bauble made out of twine

Paper Decorations 

We have a whole lesson dedicated to making Christmas paper decorations! They are easy activities with very little prep needed! 

Sewing Stockings 

Last but not least, and one of PlanBee’s favourites, why not challenge children to sew their own seasonal stocking? A perfect festive activity with links to DT objectives, this Christmas craft will go down a treat! Check out our Seasonal Stockings scheme of work here! 

For more Christmas activities check out our Christmas collection!

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