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Christmas Crafts for KS1

Christmas Crafts for KS1

Looking for some fun Christmas crafts for your KS1 children? Check out our top seasonal activities to get your children in the festive spirit!

Pine Cone Decorations

To make your own pine cone Christmas tree decorations you will need: 

glue, a mix of craft materials eg, glitter, pom poms, sequins, beads and string. In need of craft materials? Check out this Craft Set

<figcaptionA child decorating a pine cone with white paint
The possibilities are endless when making pine cone decorations. Why not paint the tips of the pine cone white and pop a star on top and there you have it! A snowy Christmas tree. Alternatively, make festive reindeers with a red pom pom nose, googly eyes and felt antlers! Or even simply stick all your favourite shiny sequins or glitter on the pine cone and add to some string and hang on the Christmas tree. 

Salt Dough Decorations 

Who doesn’t love a good salt dough decoration! Simple, easy and guaranteed to keep your children entertained! 


<figcaptionA child cutting out salt dough decorations


To make a simple salt dough: 

4 cups flour

1 cup table salt

1.5 cups water

  • Mix all the ingredients together until stiff, bring together with clean hands. 
  • Roll out between two sheets of parchment until ½ cm thick. 
  • Cut out shapes using Christmas-themed cookie cutters or even use children’s handprints. 
  • Transfer to parchment paper.
  • Use a straw to punch a hole so it can be hung as an ornament. 
  • Bake at 250 degrees fahrenheit for 90 minutes - if doing handprints you may need to bake for longer.

Toilet Roll Reindeers

Challenge children to make their own Rudolph the red-nosed reindeers! All you will need for this simple craft activity is toilet rolls, Christmas ribbon, red pom poms for the nose, glue, brown pipe cleaners and brown paint. 

  • First, paint the toilet rolls brown and leave to dry.
  • Then create two antlers out of pipe cleaners - once dry attach to the top of the toilet roll on each side.
  • Dab a small amount of glue in the middle and stick on the red pom pom for Rudolph’s nose.
  • Draw on eyes or if you have some, stick on googly eyes!
  • Tie a piece of ribbon below the nose and Rudolph is ready to fly! 

Why not make a snowman next, or even Santa himself! 

<figcaptionSnowman, Santa and Christmas tree craft

Fingerprint Christmas Cards 

A fun activity with little prep needed! Provide children with different coloured card and paint, then challenge children to create a fingerprint masterpiece! Maybe a Christmas tree or candy cane or even a snowy scene with snowmen included. 

Lollipop Christmas Trees 

An easy Christmas craft using all the bits and bobs from the bottom of the craft draw. 

  • Get two lolly sticks and paint the colour of choice.
  • Stick the lolly sticks together to make a triangle. 
  • Decorate the lolly stick tree with sequins, beads or anything of choice.
  • Tie string to the top of the triangle and hang on the Christmas tree.

Looking for some more Christmas activities? Check out our Christmas Collection!

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