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PlanBee for Teachers

Transform your work-life balance with our ready-to-teach lesson plan packs. Fully-prepared lessons and schemes of work matching National Curriculum objectives, written by experienced primary teachers.  

Join the planning revolution

A teacher's workload is intense, so why spend your precious time planning lessons that have already been planned and prepared?

At PlanBee, we've done all the hard work so you don't have to. No more hunting for a worksheet here or a slideshow there. When we say we've got fully-prepared lessons, we really mean it! Our packs are completely ready to teach, with all the resources and differentiation you need.

Preview our lessons

If you've never seen a PlanBee lesson before, you can browse through these samples to get an idea of the kind of comprehensive planning packs we create. You can also download our free mini-schemes or sample packs.

Describing Dinosaurs

Year 1 English

Can we link addition and subtraction?

Year 2 Maths


Year 3/4 Geography

Titanic Topic

Year 5/6 Computing

A clipboard with a ticked list

National Curriculum Objectives

  • All lessons planned to cover National Curriculum objectives

  • Use our Objective Checker to find lessons that cover a particular NC objective

  • Ensure complete NC coverage with our Curriculum Packs

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Education for Social Responsibility (PSHE)

Cross-Curricular Topics

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