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Pay once, access all year!

Becoming a PlanBee Member gives you access to all the resources you need for a whole year. Whoop!

PAYG Membership


Perfect for one-off users

Pay-as-you-go for as much or as little planning as you need.

Year Group Memberships

from £95

Perfect for class teachers

Access to all resources for a single or mixed-age year group for a year.

Subject Memberships

from £299

Perfect for subject leaders

Access to all resources for your chosen subject(s) for a year.

Whole School Memberships

from £320

Perfect for senior leaders

Access to absolutely everything in our library for a year.

Want to pay by invoice? No problem!

Got questions? Maybe these will help...

  • How does it work? Just add the membership you would like to your basket. As soon as you have checked out, your membership will become active. Next time you log into your account, you will see all your custom pricing. For example, if you have a Year 3 membership, any resource that has been written for Year 3 will be free for you. All you need to do is go through the checkout (without adding any payment information) and your resources will be available to download from your account.
  • Can I have more than one membership at a time? Unfortunately not. Our system will only allow one membership to be applied at a time but if you need a bespoke solution please get in touch and we'll see what we can do.
  • What if the year group I am teaching changes during my membership? No problem! Just let us know and we will amend your membership to your new year group. Please note that we can only change the year group of your membership once during the year.
  • Does the membership auto-renew? No, your membership will not renew automatically. We will send you a reminder email when your membership is nearing its end; it's then your choice as to whether you sign up again or not.
  • Can I pay for my membership with an invoice from my school? Only school Platinum accounts can be purchased via invoice, provided you have a school trade account with us. Individual year group and phase group memberships need to go through the checkout as normal.
  • Can I purchase other resources that are not included in my membership? Absolutely! Any other resources that are outside of your free allowance can be purchased by popping them in your basket and checking out as normal.
  • A resource I want is labelled as 'Year 5/6' but I only have a Year 5 membership. Can I get it free with my membership? Yes you can! Any resource that is labelled with your year group (apart from Curriculum Packs) is available to you at no further charge. A lot of our planning is mixed-age planning, which you can absolutely access with your single year group membership.