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  • PlanBee Animals Including Humans Year 3 Planning Pack | KS2 Science Lessons

    Health and Movement

    Designed to cover the animals including humans Year 3 strand of the Science curriculum, this 'Health and Movement' scheme of work teaches your KS2 ...

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  • PlanBee Healthy Bodies Animals including Humans Year 6 Planning

    Healthy Bodies

    Use this Animals Including Humans Year 6 planning to teach your Science class how to keep their bodies healthy. They will learn all about nutrition...

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  • PlanBee Animals including Humans Year 4 | Eating and Digestion Lessons

    Eating and Digestion

    Thisย Digestive System Year 4 planning pack, covering the animals including humans Year 4 objectives from the Science curriculum, contains six ready...

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  • PlanBee Growth and Survival: Animals including Humans Year 2 Science

    Growth and Survival

    Teach Year 2 pupils about the life cycles of animals including humansโ€”and what they need to surviveโ€”with these Growth and Survival lesson planning ...

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  • PlanBee Sandwich Snacks Year 3 DT Lesson Planning Pack

    Sandwich Snacks

    This Sandwich Snacks Year 3 lesson planning pack gives your KS2 class the chance to explore different food groups and learn how to translate these ...

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  • PlanBee Eat More Fruit and Vegetables: KS1 DT scheme of work

    Eat More Fruit and Vegetables

    This Year 1 DT 'Eat More Fruit and Vegetables' scheme of work is a great way to get your class excited about healthy eating as they explore a varie...

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  • PlanBee Where Does Our Food Come From? KS2 Geography pack by PlanBee

    Where does our food come from?

    Take your children on a journey around the world, visiting farms in temperate, tropical, and Mediterranean climates. This exciting, new scheme of w...

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  • PlanBee Cooking Year 2 DT | Cooking with Kids Pizza | PlanBee

    Perfect Pizzas

    This Year 2 DT 'Perfect Pizzas' scheme of work is a great way to get your class excited about healthy eating as they explore pizzas, discovering wh...

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  • PlanBee Bread - Year 5 DT Cookery Lesson KS2 | PlanBee


    Who doesn't love bread? Whether it is crusty baguette or a soft wholemeal loaf, everybody loves freshly made bread. This scheme takes children on a...

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  • PlanBee Medicine Through Time Resources | History Disease Lessons

    Medicine and Disease

    Travel through time in this KS2 scheme of work discovering how medicine has changed from the days of prehistoric civilisations and witch doctors, t...

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  • PlanBee All About Me Topic KS1 Cross-Curricular Resource by PlanBee

    All About Me Topic

    Open their eyes to the wonder that is each and every one of them with this fantastic 'All About Me' cross-curricular lesson plan for KS1. Your clas...

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  • PlanBee Identity and Belonging Year 4 KS2 RE Lesson Pack by PlanBee

    Identity and Belonging

    In these challenging Identity and Belonging lessons for Year 4, children will think about their own sense of identity as well as the communities th...

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  • PlanBee People in Action | Movement and Expression - KS2 Primary Art Lessons

    People in Action

    Spring into action with this set of 6 ready-to-teach Art 'People in Action' lesson plans for Year 5 and 6. These lessons give your class a ...

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