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Working Scientifically

Working Scientifically: Science schemes of work with practical activities, enquiries and experiments

All of our Working Scientifically units of work include opportunities for working scientifically throughout and provide excellent opportunities for progression towards the National Curriculum Science objectives for KS1 and KS2. All PlanBee Science lesson plan packs do, in fact!

These particular 'Working Scientifically' schemes are a little different in that they include fun, challenging science learning and experiments that address the objectives in the working scientifically programme of study, but also provide opportunities for learning beyond the scope of the National Curriculum for Science. They focus on practical, hands-on learning through enquiry, observation and experimentation. Lessons include detailed planning, slides, and guidance and resources for a range of practical scientific tasks.

  • PlanBee What do Scientists do?: KS2 - Science - Working Scientifically Plans

    What Do Scientists Do?

    From £2.99 to £12.00

    Explore the world of science and investigate the different areas of science that people work in. Let your class have a go at being forensic scienti...

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  • PlanBee Super Scientists Year 2 Working Scientifically | PlanBee

    Super Scientists

    From £2.99 to £12.00

    This Year 2 working scientifically scheme of work is all about 'Super Scientists'. Your class will have the opportunity to learn about scientists a...

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  • PlanBee Viking Science - Working Scientifically: Year 5 & Year 6 Science

    Viking Science

    From £2.99 to £12.00

    In this Viking Science lesson planning pack for KS2, your Year 5 or Year 6 class will learn that the Vikings were so much more than just marauding ...

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  • PlanBee Great British Scientists: KS2 Science Planning and Resources - PlanBee

    Great British Scientists

    From £2.99 to £12.00

    Explore the lives of some of the most influential and recognised Great British Scientists in this six-lesson Science scheme of work for Years 5 and...

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