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Our Response to the Teacher Workload Crisis

In January 2024, we conducted a Teacher Workload Survey to assess how teachers across the country are feeling in their profession.

The results were heartbreaking.

An eye-watering 70% of experienced teachers have considered leaving the profession in the past year, and nearly half of all Early-Career Teachers surveyed (46%) said they had also considered leaving.

PlanBee has always been about trying to ease the workload burden for primary teachers but the pressures and challenges seem to only be increasing.

So we wanted to do more...

Teacher Workload Crisis

FREE Schemes of Work

We have handpicked twenty of our favourite schemes of work (usually priced between £10 and £14.50 each) to offer teachers completely free.

Half-Price Maths Planning

We have permanently reduced the cost of each of our Maths lessons and schemes of work by 50%.

This means you can now get a whole week of Maths planning for just £5, or one lesson for £1.49.

We know these alone aren't going solve the wider issue of teacher workload and retention but we hope that this might free up a few valuable hours for you.

As a very small company of ex-teachers, we wish we could do more (and we are working on some things in the background to make our resources even more accessible in the future). But, for now, we hope this helps a little.

The PlanBee Team x